Appointment Preparation:


- Must not use Retin-A near the tattooed area before/after the procedure

- Do NOT work out the day of your appointment

- Do NOT take any blood thinning medications (Aspirin, Advil, Ibuprofen, Fish Oil) 72 hours or immediately after your procedure

- Do NOT drink alcohol the night before/day of your procedure (will cause excessive bleeding and sensitivity)

- Try to avoid caffeine the day of the procedure

- Make vacation plans accordingly(after the procedure you will need to avoid pools, salt water, and sun exposure for at least 7-10 days)

- If you are on your period, please take 2 regular strength Tylenol 30 minutes before your appointment to avoid extra sensitivity and pain.

You are unable to continue with the procedure if you have the following:

**the deposit will be forfeited if you show up to the appointment with anything listed below**


- Pregnancy

- Breastfeeding

- Botox (within 3 weeks) please wait until 3 months to book your appointment


- Hepatitis/Jaundice

- On Accutane within one year

- Eczema on the area of the procedure

- Epilepsy

- Undergoing chemotherapy (please advise the doctor before going through the procedure)

- Diabetic (please advise doctor before going through the procedure, MUST PROVIDE DOCTORS NOTE)