The highest level of sanitation standards must be used when it comes to permanent cosmetics.  This is very important especially when there is open skin involved for permanent cosmetics.  Alchemy Brows uses seven levels of cleaning for sanitation purposes.

  1. Cavi wipes are used to disinfect the working area, procedure chair, and countertops.

  2. All tools, needles, utensils are all brand new and disposed of after each client.

  3. Each disposable needle is opened in front of you. 




Consultation is on the same day as the procedure. 1 hour of consultation and brow perfecting followed by 2-3 hours of the initial procedure. For a total of 3-4 hours for the entire appointment depending on your desired shape and thickness.



Your one free touch up appointment should be booked at the 6-8week mark from the initial appointment. If you book before then, please be advised there may be a higher chance that your brows are healing and will still be very sensitive. As a result, it may be more painful.


It is your responsibility to book the touch-up appointment depending on availability as many people cancel & reschedule. If you schedule a touch-up appointment and no show, you will be charged as if it was a regular touch-up appointment.   Additional touch-ups after the complimentary one will be at a portion of the first cost.


After the initial touch up there are many factors as to why your brows may not last long. This includes not following aftercare instructions, lots of sun exposure while not wearing sunscreen, skin types that tend to be dry or flakey, as well as using chemical peels and exfoliants frequently on the area etc.

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